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AnchorSwap AMA recording April 22. 2022

Anchorswap AMA Recording

Many of you maybe have heard about AnchorSwap by now. The New Star on the DeFi Sky. AnchorSwap has good news to announce. The Roadmap is on Schedule and the new features are implemented step by step. All this was discussed in the latest AMA. Since a lot of Anchor Users couldn´t attend the AMA on Friday, the Staff decited to record the AMA and give you the chance to see the highlights in a 45 Minutes compilation of the hottest topics.

AnchorFinance AMA Main Topics:
Project Roadmap
Main Products Presentation

  • AnchorLink Multichain Wallet
  • AnchorExchange / The first decentralized Leverage Trading Platform on the Binance Smart Chain
  • NFT Platform / New Native Token
  • Questions & Answers

Well with that said, here is the Video of the AnchorSwap AMA from Friday 22nd of April 2022

Anchorswap AMA Recording from April 22nd 2022

Hopefully you liked what you jaust saw. For more information and videos, select the desired topics in the menue on the right side.

If you want to go directly to the AnchorSwap Website, follow the link: https://anchorswap.app