Cryptocurrency: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Blockchain: The Ultimate Guide to Understanding the Cryptocurrency Revolution

This book includes 3 manuscripts:

  • Bitcoin: What You Need To Know About The Cryptocurrency (Amazon Best Seller)
  • Ethereum: What You Need To Know About The Blockchain-Based Platform
  • Blockchain: How Technologies Behind Bitcoin Is Changing Money and Business

Regardless of how much you know about the Cryptocurrency phenomenon or whether you are a total newbie, this book will explain the concepts assuming no prior knowledge and will give you everything you need to know.
Here is what readers say:
“This is a great book for people starting to dip their toes in crypto currency. It goes over all the general area as far as the history of bitcoin and the potential financial investment it has. A very informational and interesting read.”
“Very informing book! I had heard about bitcoin earlier, but had never understood why it had such a fan following. I wanted to know more about cryptocurrency, so bought this book. The author has done an excellent job in describing what bitcoin and cryptocurrency are all about. The author discussed extensively on the advantages and limitations of cryptocurrencies, how and where one can buy them, what to keep in mind while buying them and what are the pitfalls one should avoid while trading. Worth reading guide!”


  • Josh

    Useless The poor grammar and composition in these “books” make them uncomfortable to read. More importantly the author clearly doesn’t actually understand investing or how blockchain works. There are no detailed explanations of why cryptocurrency is a good investment or how they work. He says things like (paraphrased) “bitcoins are a good investment, because they go up in value”. Also, he doesn’t even know cryptocurrency lingo like ‘mining’ that total beginners like me have even heard. He calls coin…

  • Laura Garcia

    Ignore fake 5 star reviews and save your money This so called book reads like it was written by an 8th grader with a term paper assignment who is trying to stretch the thinnest most obvious information on a topic out to meet his 10 page length requirement. It contains no useful information just a bunch of painfully obvious statements that are not even helpful to beginners. Take a look at the high reviews and you will quickly notice they are almost all in poor English and contrived. Obviously paid for. Amazon needs to do a better job…

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