CryptoCase Sentinel 6 GPU Mining Case – Stackable Open Air Rig Frame – Easy install 6 GPU Cryptocurrency Miners with Maximum Airflow to Extend GPU Life – Mine Ethereum, Bitcoin, and Altcoins Now!

CryptoCase Sentinel – Aluminum 6 GPU Open Air Frame Mining Case Computer For Ethereum (ETH), Monero (XMR), ZCash (ZEC) and more!

Strong and durable aluminum alloy profiles to protect your gpu and components. Optional stacking of multiple mining rig frames. Easy installation and maintenance. Included power switch for ease of use. Stackable open air mining case design, perfect for any type of GPU scrypt mining such as Litecoin, Ethereum, Zcash, etc.

1. Solid Aluminum Alloy with stregthened acrylic panels.
2. Supports 6 GPUs up to 32cm in length.
3. Supports up to 2 PSU (power supplies).
4. HDD and or SSD mounts.
5. Supports 4 x 120mm fans.
6. Power switch for easy power on/off.
7. Open air design with plenty of airflow for a cool mining rig.
8. Supports ATX/MATX motherboards sizes.

Package Includes:
1x GPU Mining Case (ONLY FRAME)
1x set install parts

1 Year CryptoCase Warranty and 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Order your mining case and start/expand your mining farm today!

This listing DOES NOT include CPU, GPU, PSU, Fans , Motherboards, RAM, or any cables.

Product Features

  • Clean and professional 6 GPU open air mining rig frame design. Mine your favorite crypto currency such as Ethereum, Z-Cash, Monero, and more!
  • Included motherboard power switch saves you the hassle of manually jumping the motherboard with wires and tools that expose your machine to danger. Optional fan mounts to keep your mining rig even cooler.
  • Laser precise mounting points and standoffs will secure your mining rig frame parts correctly to the mining case. Secure your investment without sacrificing aesthetics.
  • Small, compact footprint. Save space and money with our stackable design that allows you to assemble multiple mining cases vertically. Measures 545 mm x 345 mm x 355 mm
  • Detailed assembly instructions with organized parts and tools. Included hardware kit with screws to fasten your motherboard, GPU, and PSU securely to the mining rig frame.



  • SomeWarez

    CryptoCase, You Almost Nailed It Item uses very sturdy materials, but as MANY others have stated “..the instructions are almost useless…” There are extra components in the packaging that aren’t shown in the packing list or in the instructions. The six pieces and hardware are for a different riser that comes with a ribbon cable attached to it and can be fed through the slot and then attached to these extra plexiglass pieces. I had to find the original pictures to see what those pieces were actually for. Also, the…

  • heff

    Worst of all It does the job, and it wasn’t that difficult to put together, but it took a little while. The instructions were probably IKEA-level.. just follow the pictures and don’t bother reading. Feels very wobbly, though, and I would absolutely not consider stacking these. The GPU tray is not level and slopes down with the weight of several GPU’s. There is no room to swap out PCI cards directly attached to the motherboard without removing the GPU tray first (bust most people will be using risers). Worst…

  • Jaimeson R.

    Outstanding case, but plan on a lengthy assembly This is a really nice case, and I love how well the cards are secured. Great buy for the money!My only complaint is the assembly instructions… not only is the order of assembly goofy (IE: I’d assembly rigid parts before one screw “L” joints), but they are tremendously flawed. It doesn’t clearly show the orientation of plastic parts (and that is critical for card mounting to align). After assembly, I found myself flipping the riser board upside down so the smaller offset is to the…

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