Bitcoin Coin Collector’s Set | Each Coin Comes w/ a Plastic Round Display Case | (COIN PACK)

Est Mundun is proud to offer the Bitcoin Collectors Set. Included in this set is 4 coins in a pack, each coin comes with a individual acrylic case to insure the coins are not damaged while being shipped. The coins are inspected prior to being shipped to make sure you get the best product quality in the market. Each coin weighs about 2oz. All our coins are made to line with a shine and luster that will capture everyone.

Product Features

  • 2oz Coin made in a strong base material to insure quality and long lasting imprint
  • Each coin comes in a plastic bag and encased in an acrylic coin case to insure perfect condition upon delivery
  • Made with real Gold / Silver Plating to insure a perfect luster!
  • CoinDon Coin manufacturing insures the best quality possible.
  • 90-Day Return Guaranteed! Unhappy for any reason? Let us know!