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2PCs Gold & Silver Plated Bitcoins Set w/ Unique Bitcoin Velvet Display Case to HODL Cryptocurrency – Limited Edition BTC Crypto Coins Mining | Unique Gifts for Adults/ Bitcoin Shirt

Bitcoin(BTC) is a worldwide cryptocurrency and digital payment system and was invented by an unknown programmer (or possibly a group of programmers), under the name Satoshi Nakamoto, it is also the Hottest Cryptocurrency Today. Bitcoin has taken the world of finance by storm because it is the first successful decentralized digital currency. Still in its early stage, this coin is already a multi BILLION dollar economy. Why is Bitcoin special? It’s better then currency because its not physical and you can make large transactions with it, which is super convenient. The ability to create something that cannot be duplicated in the digital world is extremely valuable. If people are smart many of the Business giants will build on that idea. Conventional currency relies on a third party, whom you may or may not trust but need to work through anyway. With Cryptocurrencies you don’t have to deal with banks, which are responsible for credit bubbles with very little in reserve. We Bring You the Commemorative Deluxe Gold & Silver Coin Set displayed magically in the black velvet showcase to celebrate the beginning of a huge Phenomenon. High Quality & Attractive Acrylic Protective Cover Case. Set perfectly to Preserve and Keep Your Bitcoin in Mint condition. Impress your friends and put this on your Bitcoin Blockchain Trading Desk, bring it to your next Bitcoin Meetup, or trade Crypto Coins with friends. Find yourself a Bitcoin shirt or Bitcoin t shirt to wear while showing off your coins. Buy this funny gift for your friends, it is a unique gifts for adults . Join the Revolution and Be a Part of History in the Making. We love Everything Cryptocurrency and so should you. This is our new reality, a new era on Earth!

Product Features

  • ✔Perfect for every BTC , Cryptocurrency Enthusiast. A rare and top gift for coin collectors/holders. ‘Best Gifts for 2018’ and ‘Cool Gifts for Men 2018’. Great Conversation Starter too…
  • ✔Quality Protective Display case to ensure your Bitcoins stay in top Condition | Unique Gifts for Adults | Funny Gift | Pairs well with Bitcoin shirt
  • ✔Authentic, Well made & Attractive, Heavy, Gold & Silver Plated Coins
  • ✔Pair these Crypto Coins with your Ethereum(ETH), Ripple(XRP), Litecoin(LTC), & Monero coin collections and HODL | Pairs well with Bitcoin t shirt
  • ✔This replica is not for actual Bitcoin currency and has no monetary value. Ships from the USA, 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed