Bitcoin Coin Deluxe Collector’s Set | Featuring the Limited Edition Original Commemorative Tokens by Zcccom | Each Coin Comes w/ a Plastic Round Display Case (Double Gold)

2 Pcs

Product Features

  • ✔Original Collectors Coins,
  • ✔Set of 2 pcs come with acrylic coin protective cover
  • ✔Diameter= 40mm, Thickness=3mm, Weight=1.0 oz
  • ✔Ships from USA.If you received this item without logo Zcccom on the package please ask for the refund,please notify Amazon you received a fake coin.(Due to product updates, there may be slight differences. In kind prevail.)


  • James D. Kirk

    Fun, Good Quality Coin Creation of a Virtual Bitcoin For what they are, these Bitcoin “coins” are great. They are a non-valuable representation of a coin with a generally accepted Bitcoin logo. They have a nice weight to them. The detail in the minting is rather impressive.While they come in coin-collector’s clear acrylic carry cases, I feel that is more for a pompous show than providing any real value to the product. At the price point I purchased these coins, they make a fine gift for someone who is into Cryptoassets and…

  • Anonymous

    I bought this for a guy I work with on my daytime job. He goes on and on about how much he wants a Bitcoin. There are many of us who are sick of listening to him talk about the Bitcoin. For us the Bitcoin is just a big scam, and a way to loose lots of money. We play Dirty Santa at the Christmas party, and I purchased this coins for a gift. He went out of his way to make sure he went home with these coins. They look like an expensive gold coin, although there is no fancy protective case. It was…

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